Officer With Right Name in Right Place at Right Time

A Forney woman was at work when she noticed Officer Markeith Pleasant helping an elderly stranded driver in his time of need, and took a photo of the moment

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On Wednesday morning, Officer Markeith Pleasant was on routine patrol at Pinson Road and Ridgecrest Road in Forney, when he noticed an elderly driver who wasn't behind the wheel.

"He was giving it everything he had," Pleasant said. "I could see him trying to push it (his truck), so I parked, got out, and asked him what happened. He said 'just ran out of gas.'"

Officer Pleasant has been with the Forney Police Department for two-years.

"I try to live up to my name when I can," Pleasant said.

"Ah, he definitely lives up to his name," Monica Frederick said.

Frederick was at work when she looked out the window and saw the officer helping push the gentleman's truck out of the roadway. As time passed, she realized that wasn't all Officer Pleasant did.

"He went to take him to get gas, and then brought him back, and then went over there and was helping him put the gas in the truck."

That's when Frederick snapped a photo of the moment of kindness and shared it on social media.

"If we all paid attention a little bit more to those kinds of things and posted them, it definitely brings a humbling feeling to people. There is still good out there, and we can be a part of it," Frederick said in the post.

"It's not running into a burning building. It's a simple everyday nicety that everybody can do," Pleasant said. "I ask others to do the same. Try to be that person you always need."

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