Oak Cliff Residents Rally Outside “Nuisance” Motel

A breeding ground for drugs, prostitution, violence and bed bugs.

It is how critics describe the Grand Inn Motel in Oak Cliff.

Saturday, they put their foot down in protest urging the motel's owner and city hall to do something about it.

They say problems here have gone on long enough and now they want the place torn down.

“You can put siding on the side of the building and vacuum the carpet and put some air freshener down and then say ok it’s great and maybe get rid of a few of the bed bugs. But that doesn’t get rid of the crime here,” said Eric Williams, the rally’s organizer and former city council candidate.

Earlier this week, Williams made a presentation before the Dallas City Council.

He cited a two-page report he obtained through an open records request detailing years of calls to the property.

He asked council members to consider closing down the motel under eminent domain laws.

Neighbors agree something needs to be done.

Michelle Lumbreras has lived in a neighborhood around the corner for 13 years.

“I don't care what they do. If you want to deal drugs, deal drugs. If you want to prostitute, prostitute. But do it away from here,” she said.

NBC 5 spoke with an employee over the phone Saturday. The employee said she had no comment before hanging up.

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