Nurses Live Stream Granddaughter's Wedding For Sick Patient

When an East Texas grandmother was going to miss her granddaughter's wedding because she was sick, Dallas nurses made sure she had a back up plan.

She was stuck in the hospital waiting for a new liver, but didn't miss a moment of the wedding taking place thousands of miles away.

"When my daughter found out that I couldn't attend the wedding that I already had plane tickets for, she said, 'Mom, are you going to be OK?' and I just started bawling cause I wanted to be there and I couldn't," said Eloise Duffy, of Cambell.

There was little Duffy could do because she desperately needed a new liver earlier this year. It meant she'd miss her planned trip to Iowa to see her granddaughter walk the aisle.

Methodist Dallas nurses couldn't let that happen.

They coordinated with Duffy's family in Iowa to livestream the wedding directly into her hospital room.

They even brought wedding cake to her bedside.

"She got to see all the hustle and bustle, all the excitement and all the joy.  She didn't miss a single thing," said Duffy's daughter Linda Hansel.

A few weeks after the wedding, Duffy got the phone call she had been waiting for.  

"I said, 'Hello,' and she said, 'This is from the liver institute,' and I'm like, 'Oh my gosh!' I was so excited. I knew what the call was right away," said Duffy.

She's back at Methodist Dallas recovering from her liver transplant and plans to see her next life milestone, the birth of her third great-grandchild in January.

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