AT&T's Nuptiem Interruptus

Some U-verse subscribers miss the royal wedding

by Bruce Felps

Imagine the gut-punch of anticipating the royal wedding between, um, two royal people, for weeks on end, all atingle with excitement at the pending pageantry, monarchy, and majesty of the nuptials only to click on the television this morning and … blank.

No signal.

Some Anglophiles in North Texas, Euless and perhaps other areas, don’t have to imagine. They lived it. Set the alarm, rolled outta bed early, poured a spot of tea, flipped on the tube and, arrrgghh, U-verse was out.

What the hell, mate?

Oops, an AT&T spokeswoman said, yeah, [hehe] sorry, there was an “equipment issue earlier this morning” and [cough] “some U-verse TV customers in the area may have had issues with their service.”

Issues? May have had? Issues? Tell that to William and Kate.

Fret not your pretty or handsome heads, loyal subjects. You can still see the good bits elsewhere on this very NBCDFW site or wait patiently for Dateline to come on tonight at 8 CDT. It might not be the full pomp and circumstance, but you’ll get the highlight reel happenings.

U-verse certainly will have rectified those “issues” by 8, right?

Bruce Felps owns and operates East Dallas Times, an online community news outlet serving the White Rock Lake area. He just isn’t into weddings anymore, at all. Been there, done that; been there, done that; been there, done that … yup, three times. Loser.

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