NTTA Reaches Agreement With Top Toll Violator

NBC 5 News

The North Texas Tollway Authority says it has reached an agreement with its top toll violator to pay her bill.

In July, the NTTA announced Amber Young was No. 1 on its list of the Top 100 toll violators with more than 8,500 toll transactions amounting to an outstanding balance of nearly $183,000.

According to the agreement, Young will pay $5,000 initially and $250 per month for an extended period of time, which will result in a total payment of $28,684.

The NTTA said her settlement includes every past due toll at the highest ZipCash rate and a significant portion of the delinquent fees accumulated over three years.

Under the agreement, Young must open a TollTag account and maintain a $500 balance on the Tag through the duration of her payment agreement.

If she defaults, she will owe the total outstanding amount ($182,598.15), and the NTTA can bar all of her vehicles from all NTTA roadways, the agency said.

The NTTA said Young's case proves that it's best to take care of toll invoices in a timely manner to avoid higher delinquent toll costs.

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