Not My Son Group Holds Rally Against Racial Injustice, Inequality

Not My Son held an Independence for Who protest and rally outside Dallas City Hall on Saturday

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As many celebrate Independence Day, others are still waiting for freedom from inequality and racial injustice.

On Saturday, members of the new group Not My Son planned to gather at City Hall and march to Thanksgiving Square.

Tramonica Brown started the organization about a month ago over fears for her son and daughter.

Brown said she doesn’t feel like Fourth of July Day extends to her.

“Regardless that people want to pop fireworks today, we won’t be indulging in any of that. Today is not a day we celebrate, because we’re not all free,” Brown said.

Brown was on the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge the night protesters were detained.

It led to a discussion with Dallas police Chief U. Renee Hall, which Brown said was productive.

“We really want to be free," said spoken word artist Mike Guinn. "It shouldn’t just be Juneteenth. It should be every day."

Guinn and his daughter, Naiya, recited original poetry at the event.

“We are examples of people who have been put down, who are now lifting themselves up through our poetry and spoken word," Mike Guinn said. "We hope that connects to people, that you don’t have to be someone who doesn’t have a voice."

He said he worries about his children.

 “My children being able to go — even if it’s just for a jog, or to the store, or go to work — and come back home at night," Guinn said. "So, it’s not my son, not my daughter, not my nephew, not my grandson — it’s all encompassing."

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