North Texas Summer Heat Causing Breathing Problems

The triple-digit heat is keeping many North Texans inside and unable to breathe easily in the hot air.

"There's just no air. I mean, there's nothing to breathe," said Karen Krebs, of Dallas. "It's so hot that there's no air to breathe."

Only a few days ago, Krebs went to the emergency room after just a few minutes outside in the heat.

Her breathing improved after seeing her doctor and getting more medication for her asthma.

"I'm still short of breath, but it's not as bad as it was last week," she said.

Many North Texans are suffering as temperatures continue to rise above 100, combined with high pollution levels.

"The ozone and the temperatures do go together. The higher the temperature usually the more the ozone load is," said Dr. William Lumry, with Allergy & Asthma Specialists of Dallas.

More people are now headed to their own doctors with difficulty breathing.

"We try to keep people indoors, make sure they're using their medications properly, staying hydrated and letting us know if they have any problems," said Lumry.

Children, too, are affected, with the August heat and pollution levels causing many to have trouble breathing.

"Any time that your asthma can get triggered and your breathing tubes constrict or get tight and it's hard to breathe, that can be very dangerous and in some people life-threatening," said Dr. Leann Kridelbaugh, with Children's Health Dallas.

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