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North Texas Mother and Daughter Open Up About Kidney Transplant Streamed Live

A North Texas mother and daughter spoke on Tuesday about their kidney transplant surgery that was streamed live on Facebook.

It was something that many North Texans had never seen.

"The atmosphere was quite different," said Richard Dickerman, one of the surgeons at Methodist Dallas Medical Center.

Thousands of people watched the surgery on the social media site.

When Jessica Gutierrez from Cedar Hill was in stage 4 kidney failure, she found out her mother was her match.

"It was perfect… perfect donor… perfect recipient," Dickerman said.

Her mother, Maribel Gutierrez, said she didn't hesitate to give her daughter her kidney.

"I feel the decision that I took was the right decision… I love her so much… I want her to have a quality life," she said.

Jessica and Maribel are both out of the hospital and recovering.

"I can't ever pay for what she did for me. It's truly a blessing what she did for me," Jessica said.

Jessica said she is feeling energized, and forever thankful for her mother.

"She's definitely my hero, my life-savor, my mother… my gift," she said.

The two were happy to share their surgery online for the world to see, and they hope it will inspire others to donate their organs.

"There's people out there who definitely need it and would be so grateful," Jessica said.

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