North Texas

North Texas House Is Divided Over World Cup Teams

Garland family divided in support for Mexico and Brazil

It's the biggest sporting event of its kind in the world. Among the billions of World Cup viewers, is a family of rivals living in one Garland household.

Parents Ailton Goncalvez and Russell Rodriguez live in a house divided. One side of their family is cheering for Mexico while the other is cheering for Brazil.

As players from both countries fought to get one step closer to the coveted World Cup Trophy, sportsmanship was the true winner in the Goncalvez home.

"Mexico played awesome, but Brazil won," Alexandra Goncalvez said. "We know that Mexico is a great team, but Brazil got the win," she said with a laugh.

And while the happy half of the family erupted in cheers as Brazil won the game for the opportunity to continue on in the tournament, the other half will have to wait four more years until the next World Cup.

Fortunately for both sides, they can be rivals and still love each other.

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