North Texas Faces Summer-Like Mother's Day Weekend

Mother's Day Weekend kicked off with an early season heatwave and a reminder for kids and adults to stay cool.

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From batting to catching to scoring a run, the Oak Cliff Longhorns did it all before the weather warmed up.

The weather in Dallas started off breezy and cool Saturday morning before the sun came out.

JR Huerta, Dallas Youth Sports director, doubled as an umpire during the baseball game at Kiest Park.

“We step out and it’s really cool. I almost went back and got me a sweater, but I thought, the sun’s going to break,” said JR Huerta, the Director of Dallas Youth Sports.

Huerta made sure his son and his teammates were ready for the heat ahead of the game.

“Normally we try to tell our players to drink plenty of water the day before, not the day of, because if you come out here not pre-hydrated, you can’t catch up,” said Huerta.

Away from the ballpark, doctors say one thing is key to anyone looking to keep cool.

“It’s staying hydrated. It’s listening to your body. And if you start to not feel well, you’ve got to get into a cool space,” said Dr. Jo Anna Leuck, Assistant Dean of Curriculum at TCU School of Medicine.

She expects more people to seek medical treatment as temperatures spike. If you feel lightheaded, thirsty, or feel nausea, it’s a sign to seek shade.

“It’s so nice that we have some cooling stations. Even a mall - just find a place that’s out of the sun and has air conditioning at least to take breaks,” said Dr. Leuck.

The Salvation Army of North Texas has opened cooling stations for anyone seeking relief from the heat.

You can find hours and a station near you here.

In fact, a legitimate heat wave is coming with highs reaching the mid-90s. The record high for DFW on Sunday, 95 degrees, maybe tied or even broken. 
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