North Texas Country Bar Recalls Early Prince Performance

The Western Place Bar in Burleson held a tribute night Thursday that was decidedly not country. 

"Purple Rain. That's the big one," bartender Jenny Vee said. "We have lots of regulars who enjoy his music." 

Prince once played the bar's tiny stage.

"It's really neat that we get to experience working here and knowing that someone so great at music and everything has actually been here and played here," Vee said. "That's pretty freakin' cool!"

The year was 1979. Prince played one night at the Western Place Bar. It was the same year his second self-titled album came out, but Prince was not yet a household name. 

"Time flies," said Candy Corn as she sat at the bar. "Now I feel old!"

Karaoke night at Western Place Bar on Thursday had a Prince flair.

"Purple Rain is a big one," said Vee. "It just has a lot of meaning to it. I love it!"

Prince played at the bar long before Vee was born.

"It was just, wow," Vee said thinking about Prince's history at the bar. "You would never think that someone so big would be playing here, at the Western Place!"

There's no photo on the wall of Prince's one-night only performance on Nov. 29, 1979. No one at the time knew Prince would be the biggest thing to come out of the small country bar. 

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