Irving Company Offers Employees and Family Members Free College Education

Hollman Inc. is partnering with North Lake College for the program

Hollman Inc., the world's largest manufacturer of sports, fitness and office lockers, has started the Hollman HELPs program to offer employees the opportunity to go to college for free.

"If they work here and are full-time employees, their spouses can go to college for free, they can go to college for free and all their dependents can go to college for free," said Travis Hollman, the CEO of Hollman Inc.

The company is partnering with North Lake College for the program.

"This is unprecedented. This is a one of a kind, 100 percent paid by the employers for any course offering in our catalog," said Tim Samuels, executive dean of workforce, business and technology at North Lake College.

Through the program, employees and their family members can enroll in any credit or non-credit course without paying for tuition or books.

"I have people who've been working here for 25 years… their kids deserve something, their families deserve this… they're earning this," Hollman said.

Hollman said they are already gaining new employees because of the program.

"We're trying to make Irving and this part of Dallas just a better place with higher educated people," he said.

Hollman encourages other companies to look into programs like theirs.

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