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North Texans Join 20,000 Volunteers in Pandemic-Era Initiative to Spread Kindness One Lasagna at a Time

Arlington woman, her family prepare food twice a month as part of nationwide kindness movement

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A group of North Texans has joined 20,000 others across the country spreading kindness by volunteering to prepare and deliver thousands of meals through Lasagna Love.

Lasagna isn’t a complicated dish. Just spread the sauce, layer in noodles and add as much cheese as your heart desires. Then, repeat. It’s simple. Still, it fills us. And not just our stomachs, but our hearts.

“Food brings people together, said Amy Seiders.

Twice a month for the last three months, out of her Arlington home, Seiders and her family have been part of a nationwide movement known as Lasagna Love that started exactly one year prior in Rhiannon Menn’s California kitchen.

“She was trying to think, what can I do to help the people around me and offered to cook within her local community for anybody who needed it. And it’s kind of spread like wildfire from there,” said Seiders.

Today, Seiders is one of 20,000 volunteers who are known as “lasagna mommas” and “lasagna poppas,” baking and delivering a meal to someone nearby.

Collectively, since the pandemic began, they’ve delivered 41,000 lasagnas.

According to Lasagna Love, the volunteers now average about 4,000 deliveries a week with a presence in all 50 states.

“There are a lot of reasons, especially now in COVID times, where people just need a little bit of kindness. You may be getting out of the hospital, maybe you had a baby, maybe you just had a rough month or you’re a college student and you miss a home-cooked meal,” said Seiders.

Through Lasagna Love, those in need have the option to request a meal themselves or nominate someone else.

Seiders said no reason is too small and no delivery is just about the food.

“Feeding people is a way to help them heal, more than just physically but from a mental and emotional capacity too,” said Seiders.

All it takes is a little kindness and 350 degrees. 

To request a meal or to nominate someone to receive one, visit Lasagna Love's website. You'll also find information there to volunteer or contribute.                         

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