North Texans Cover Up Plants in Anticipation of Record Cold

This is the time of year when North Texans typically see spring blooms, but many are dealing with a rare cold snap that can put those blooms at risk.

The Dallas Arboretum covered many of its flowers Monday night before the temperatures dipped into the 30s.

Horticulturists at the Fort Worth Botanic Garden said they weren't concerned about many of their flowering plants because they haven't yet planted the summer annuals.

"Frankly the reason we haven’t yet planted our summer material is because we’ve been busy with special events, and the nurseries, the wholesale suppliers, have been delayed in their production," said Steve Huddleston, horticulturist with the garden. "Right, as it turns out, it’s been a lucky turn of events this week"

Huddleston said the plants were unlikely to be hurt due to the record cold.

“The plants that we do have in the ground are the plants that can take the lower temperatures, can handle a light frost”

Many local nurseries catered to a last-minute rush of customers looking for plant covers.

Experts always suggest cloth covers, not plastic, and watering the soil around your plants before a potential freeze.

Brad Masters of Arlington told NBC 5 that he had planted $200 worth of flowers last weekend in anticipation the spring temperatures were here to stay.

“We were in shorts and tank tops and it was nice weekend 80 degrees. Then they say it was supposed to be freezing on Monday night or Tuesday, so that was quite a shock. I didn't expect it one bit.” 

That echoes with Huddleston saw during spring plant sales at the botanic garden.

“People have spring fever. We had great attendance at our spring plant sale. People were eager to buy plants for this season. So I think everybody’s ready for warmer weather to stay”

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