North Richland Hills Police Department

North Richland Hills Warns of Water Bill Scam

North Richland Hills city officials are warning residents about a phone scam targeting their personal information.

City spokeswoman Mary Peters said the thieves are calling residents from private numbers and demanding payment.

“The caller instructed them to immediately give them their credit card information or their water would be cut off,” she said.

Peters said city officials nor the water department would ever make such notices over the phone and customers should immediately hang up.

North Richland Hills resident Teri Whaley said the callers can be very convincing.

Her friend was targeted by a phone scam not long ago.

“He was very believable. He sounded very official. In fact, he said he would come out and make sure she paid if she didn't do it right then,” Whaley said. “She was caught off guard. She still can't, to this day, believe she was tricked!”

If you believe you have been a victim of a scam, you should report it to the North Richland Hills Police Department at 817-427-7000.

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