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Richland Hills Teen Giving Free Christmas Gifts, Inspiring Police

Richland Hills police officers saw Cameron giving away gifts Tuesday and decided to add presents for him to give away

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A Richland Hills teenager held a toy drive Wednesday for the second day in a row, handing out Christmas presents he bought with his hard-earned money. 

Cameron Kennard, 15, played Santa Claus in his city, handing out dozens of free gifts outside Walmart. 

“You gotta keep the Santa joy alive. That’s why I put on the gifts, 'From Santa,' because that’s just the best present in the world,” said Kennard, who came up with the toy drive.

It all started at Santa’s workshop: his mom, Ashley Brent’s home.

Brent raised Kennard and his sister after their father passed away. 

“There were times where I had to get help to get gifts. It’s very emotional because he sees that we are going through hard times, and you never know what a person is going through,” Brent said.

Richland Hills police Cpt. Scott Russell met Kennard Tuesday and was inspired by the teen, who didn’t think anyone would show up.

“Then, a line of people started coming. I think it was about a line of 10 people, and we only had about five presents left," Kennard recalled. "So, we were like, 'oh, no. What are we going to do?' One of the officers offered to go to the store. I was so surprised."

Word spread, and Haltom City police officers stopped by next to add more toys to Cameron’s cause.

Photos: Richland Hills Teen Giving Free Christmas Gifts, Inspiring Police

“This young man has truly portrayed everything that you would expect out of our society. Especially what a blessing to our community, seeing this young man, what a future leader he will be,” Russell said.

Kennard used money he earned doing yard work for a neighbor to buy the gifts he handed out.

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