No More Jackhammers at Night Along LBJ Tollway Project

Neighbors post video on YouTube that shows early-morning construction noise

Construction managers agreed Thursday to stop using a loud jackhammer at night along the LBJ Express project after neighbors complained they couldn't sleep and one man posted a YouTube video of the noisy work.

Neighbors say crews have used a "jackhammer on steroids" to tear down a large retaining wall on the south side of Interstate 635 near Welch Road in North Dallas.

"It's just a bam-bam-bam-bam-bam," Melissa Marco said.

It would start at about 3 a.m. or 4 a.m., neighbors said.

"We just couldn't sleep," Francis Stanush said.

But neighbors said their complaints fell on deaf ears.

"We're all excited about the finished product, what it's going to bring to the area," Dean Lee said. "But just some common sense for the neighborhood is all we're looking for."

In an email to one neighbor, LBJ Express spokeswoman Heather DeLapp wrote: "It would make it easier for everyone if in fact we could manage the hours so that we didn't disturb people but the honest answer is there is never a good time for construction."

Frustrated by a repeat of the loud noise at about 4 a.m. on Thursday, Stanush grabbed his iPhone, recorded a video and posted it on YouTube.

"This is compliments of LBJ Express and there's our house, right there," Stanush said in the video, pointing to his house.

Later Thursday, after seeing the video and being contacted by news reporters, construction managers agreed to limit the jackhammering from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

"That's much more tolerable for the community," Stanush said.

In a statement, DeLapp said other work would continue at night but crews would finish the jackhammering work during the day.

"Hopefully, this will help improve the current conditions and mitigate the impact to the neighborhood," she said.

LBJ Express is a private, for-profit toll road being built along Interstate 635 by a subsidiary of Spanish company Cintra. It is expected to be completed in late 2015.

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