Nexus Recovery Center Looks to Mother's Day Fundraiser to Help Women in Recovery

Nexus Recovery Center in Dallas has plans for a Pop-Up Flower Shop fundraiser

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Nexus Recovery Center in Dallas helps women and mothers on the road to recovery for alcohol and drugs. The pandemic has forced Nexus to go down a different road to raise funds for the non-profit mission with a Mother's Day Pop-Up Flower Shop.

"Flowers are just part of God's gift and part of the blessings, and you just start realizing all you have to be grateful for," Nexus Auxiliary volunteer Robin Bagwell said. "I want to help give these kids back their mothers."

Bagwell knows what the women and mothers who seek help at Nexus Recovery Center are going through because she made the decision 19-years ago to get sober.

"I just wasn't present in my children's lives," Bagwell said. "I was just kind of zoned out in the evening and, um, kind of numb."

Bagwell and her now-grown daughter, Lauren Bagwell, are among those volunteering to make flower arrangements to sell at the fundraiser next month.

"Whether it's flower arrangements or a Halloween party or some kind of spa nights," Lauren Bagwell said. "You're working this program, but it's to work past surviving to start thriving."

"The whole reason I got sober was so hopefully one day I could become a mother," Nexus Recovery Center CEO Heather Ormand said. Ormand pointed out the pandemic has made the road to recovery a bumpy one for many people.

"Isolation is one of the worst things when you're suffering from a substance use disorder," Ormand said, pointing out isolation can lead to a lack of accountability. "If you've lost a job, or are depressed because you haven't seen family members, and scared, you read for things that make you feel better, make the pain go away."

Ormand said recover relapses and overdose rates are high right now.

Nexus Recovery Center is for women. Those who are mothers can have up to three children with them at the facility. Women at all stages of pregnancy are also welcome. The facility has remained full during the pandemic.

Bouquets for the Pop-Up Flower Shop can be ordered through May 6. For details click here.

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