Next Kid Sensation Right Here In North Texas

7 Year Old Drums To His Own Beat

A very talented North Texas kid proves first grade has never rocked so hard.

Logan Gladding started pounding on boxes at just 18 months old. Now several years later, he's still drumming right along, and he has the fan base to prove it.

With his side swept bangs and blonde hair, Logan is often compared to Justin Bieber; only he rocks out instead of playing pop.

"A lot of people compare me to him and it's really cool to be compared to him because he is really awesome," said Logan.

And so is Logan. This is one talented kid. At only 7, he and his group the Junior All-Star Band play in front of thousands. His most recent show was at Liberty Fest in Grapevine. They were the warm up band for Rick Springfield, but that day they got the surprise of a lifetime that day.

"They called us up and we got to play," said Logan.

He even snagged a personal shout out from Springfield himself.

Logan's rise to stardom started last year at his school talent show.

He was only in kindergarten. Logan just landed his first sponsorship with pearl drums.

He's also hosting a radio show in Oklahoma 3 days a week. 

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