Candidates Prepare for the NYC Primary

For the second day in a row, Senator Ted Cruz focused his presidential campaign on upstate New York.

His opponent, Donald Trump, leads by more than 30 points in the state.

Cruz wants to make sure Trump does not get more than 50 percent of the vote. If he does, Trump takes all of the delegates.

“At this point, we have won 11 elections in a row. So I could not be more encouraged,” said Cruz.

Trump was rallying for votes in Plattsburgh on Friday.

“We have a lot of people everywhere we go. You know what it is called? Make America great again,” said Trump.

After a contentious debate Thursday night, the democratic candidates were half of a world apart. Hillary Clinton was in East Harlem. She leads in the polls by more than 12 points.

“I will do everything I can as your president to remember what needs to be done here in a city that I love,“ Clinton said.

Meanwhile, Senator Bernie Sanders flew to Rome for the Vatican conference.

An opportunity he said he could not pass up.

“I know it is taking me away from the campaign trail for a day, but when I received this invitation, it was so moving to me that it was something that I could just simply not refuse to do,” said Sanders.

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