Julie Fine

New Years Baby Has Older Brother With Memorable Birthday

What began as a calm new years at home, ended in a hospital room for the Farris family.

“The weather has been crazy, so we didn't make plans. She made plans,” said Father Thomas Farris.

He was referring to his newborn daughter, who was born at 9:43 am. She was the first baby born at Methodist Mansfield Medical Center. When Teresa Farris went into labor early in the morning, he was concerned about the drive from Duncanville to Mansfield.

“With the ice on the roads, we saw freeways were being closed down. There were accidents we kept seeing pop up on the news, on my phone, and I just kept thinking ‘ah man’,” said Ferris.

But it was an easy drive, and they soon found out they had the first new year baby at the hospital.

“It was pretty like shocking, because I figured when we got here a lot of women probably would have already been in labor by now. Probably already had a new year baby,” said mom Teresa Farris.

But this is not the first memorable birthday for the family.

"He was born on Friday the 13th in 2011,” explained Thomas Farris.

6-year-old brother Marcellino is excited about his new role in the house.

“I like it when I get to be a brother,” said Marcellino.

What a way to kick off 2018.

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