New Teachers Facing Tough Time Getting into Classrooms

Districts cutting back on new teaching positions; teacher shortage still looms ahead

Aspiring teachers are finding this summer one of the toughest ever when it comes to finding a job.

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports many North Texas school districts aren't hiring because of the recession.

With fewer jobs available outside of the education field, companies aren't luring teachers away from campus, the paper reported.  Additionally, fewer teachers retire in a poor economic climate -- creating fewer openings for new teachers.

In Arlington, school officials expect to hire 200 teachers, which is half of their normal number.  The same can be said for Keller who only plans to hire, at most, 175 teachers this year.

The Fort Worth Independent School District plans to hire about 300 teachers, one-third of the typical 900 hired each summer.

The doom and gloom shouldn't last long though.  According to a study cited by the paper, the National Commission on Teach and America's Future reports that about half of the nation's teachers will be eligible to retire within 10 years -- creating a lot of opportunities for new teachers.

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