New Security Measures at D/FW International Airport Create Lines

Travelers should prepare for longer security lines at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport this holiday season.

New security measures, already in place at some selected checkpoints, are being rolled out at the airport and can sometimes result in long lines and delays.

"At C6, they'll be a line all the way down the hall, and it's a 45-minute wait. And I'll walk down to C20, and there's no line, and I'm like through," said Steve Cosgrove, of Dynamic Travel, who runs a retail store at the airport.

All electronics larger than a cell phone must now be removed from each carry-on bag and placed in a plastic bin.

"It does take a little bit longer time, yes," said Mike Donnelly, director of TSA Federal Security at D/FW.

"TSA is continuously evolving out security procedures, and we do that because we know our adversaries are always evolving their tactics," Donnelly said. "These procedures that we are implementing currently are part of that evolution."

The new measures will be in effect at every checkpoint after the beginning of the new year.

"I would pretty much have to empty my whole bag, because pretty much everything in here is bigger than a cell phone," said frequent traveler Kristi Smith.

Passengers who fly from Dallas Love Field get a pass this holiday season, because the new measures won't take effect there until after the first of the year.

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