New Plans for Dallas Interstate 30 ‘Canyon' Reconstruction

Neighbor demands included in revised Canyon plan

New plans are out from the Texas Department of Transportation for the reconstruction of Interstate 30 through Downtown Dallas, known as "The Canyon."

The roadway handles around 225,000 vehicles a day.

The $300 million improvement plan calls for six main freeway lanes in each direction instead of there, as there are now, along with the addition of continuous feeder roads.

The feeder roads could open land along the freeway to new development.


The new schematic drawing included updates that are the result of demands by the city of Dallas for better connectivity between Downtown Dallas to the north and the Cedars neighborhood to the south.

The plan includes overpasses with so-called "complete streets" that provide room for bike lanes, wider sidewalks and landscaping.

"I think this is a big, exciting project for Dallas," TxDOT spokesperson Laura Weaver said. "Of course, we have the enormous growth that we're seeing in Dallas and so it's our responsibility to update that and just the infrastructure and accommodate the needs of what we're hearing, the feedback from the public."

The Cedars Neighborhood Association President Phillip Robinson said the new plan is a big improvement from what TxDOT offered in 2018.

"The current plan does everything we absolutely need it to do, connects better with downtown, more walkability, more bike-ability," Robinson said. "The Cedars neighborhood is experiencing a considerable amount of growth with more and more people moving in, and this is just going to connect it better to our neighbors so that we can be more of a connected downtown and less separated."

TxDOT has $300 million earmarked for the project. The start of construction could still be 3 years away.

The pubic will have another opportunity to see the plan and make comments at a meeting on Tuesday at the Omni Dallas Hotel from 5:30 to 8 p.m. with a formal presentation at 7 p.m.

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