New Hospital Opens in Mansfield, Adds Capacity to North Texas

Texas Health Hospital Mansfield opened its doors on Dec. 1

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As the North Texas population continues to grow, so does the need for more health care in southern parts of Dallas-Fort Worth. That's the reason Texas Health, in a joint partnership with AdventHealth, helped birth Texas Health Hospital Mansfield.

The four-story, 200,000-square-foot hospital is located off U.S. Highway 287 and just a mile from State Highway 360.

The new hospital in Mansfield holds 59 beds with the potential to expand to 95.

"I expect people to experience a different kind of health care when they come to our facility," President and CEO of Texas Health Hospital Mansfield Kenneth Rose said. "As a small hospital, we can deliver a personal touch."

Even though the project started three years ago, well before the pandemic, the opening is timely given the number of people hospitalized for COVID-19 in Dallas-Fort Worth.

"We've been fortunate in our first few days of opening we've had a very small number of COVID positive patients, but we are always ready because we know it can change in an instant," Rose said.

He said portions of the hospital's medical and surgical unit can convert into areas solely for COVID-19 patients if needed. Each spot can hold 12 beds.

They also have negative pressure rooms and the technology to change a room to a negative pressure room.

Rose said, so far, they've had three COVID-19 patients come through the doors in the last five days. In total, including patients with other illnesses, they've treated about 20 people since opening Dec. 1.

"Sounds like a small number, but for a small new hospital, that's exactly what I wanted. I wanted us to be able to start slow and steady. Our team has to be very intentional in how we deliver excellent quality care," Rose said.

He said he recognized the number of people who walk through the door will rise, especially given the COVID-19 numbers.

"Yes, we expect to see increases over the coming days and weeks in our hospitals simply because we're new. We have the capacity so we expect that, and I'm very confident that our team is focused and ready," Rose said.

Rose, along with a team of people, has spent the last three years gearing up to open the hospital.

"Our executive office, we call ourselves 'chief encouragement officers' and 'chief cheerleading officers,' and the reason we started that is because the process of opening a new hospital is so difficult," he said, crediting the leaders and team members around him. "We focus on having that strong culture because if we invest in our people, they'll take excellent care of the people who come to see us and need us."

The hospital was supposed to have a grand opening, but given the pandemic, instead donated the money for the celebration to Mansfield ISD, HIM Center, Toys for Tots and Mansfield Cares.

Despite 2020, Rose said he's grateful for the people who help make the hospital tick.

"I feel good, I feel blessed," he said. "To be able to do this type of project to have the amazing caregivers that we've been able to find, to have the executives and leaders that we have around me that we have, as just been tremendous. The only way we've been able to pull this off is because of the team that we have."

The new campus, which cost $150 million, also houses an 80,000 square-foot medical office building with primary care and specialty practices.

According to the hospital, the new facility also offers 24/7 emergency room, general surgery, women’s services, orthopedics, interventional cardiology, gastroenterology, imaging, lab and pharmacy.

Rose said they are still hiring staff, if interested, click here

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