New Fort Worth Police Chief Meets with Community

The new Fort Worth police chief met with people living in the Stop Six community Friday to hear residents' suggestions and concerns.

It's an effort to revitalize ties between the police department and the community.

"One of the things you should never hear from a police officer is, 'We can't help you,'" Chief Joel Fitzgerald told the crowd.

"One thing I preach is making sure that the officers don't go from call to call without solving the problem. If people in the community see us working very hard and consistently to change their community for the better, we build a trust, and it changes their attitude as well," he added.

Bertha Barnes was among the property owners to speak with the chief Friday.

"They steal the bars off of my windows," Barnes said. "They've taken my gate. They broke my windows. Every time I try to make one step forward, they push me back."

Fitzgerald said he met with the Stop Six community because he's aware of its struggles when it comes to crime.

He said he wants to make the community more than just livable.

"We are constantly working on creating an atmosphere where the community trust us. We will build a sense of procedural justice. This is just the start," he said.

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