NBC 5 Responds After Phone And Internet Company Delays Install

Moving is never easy, even the basics like getting power, water and internet connected can be difficult.

One family ran into issues getting their internet up and running in their new home.

David and Monica Swain were thrilled about their new home. They signed up for their phone and internet to be connected. They had a connection date of July 16 but say it had to be rescheduled to July 24.

Then they got another note saying there was an outage in their neighborhood and their service couldn’t be connected for another 30 days.

David works from home and couldn’t go that long without internet. He says he had trouble getting a straight answer as to why this outage applied to him, but all his neighbors were getting internet and phone service from the same company.

This is something NBC 5 Responds has covered before. Don’t get tied up in endless customer service issues.

If you’re not getting anywhere ask for elevated customer service. Most companies have them. The elevated customer service department got involved in this case and apologized for the issues and got the family connected in no time.

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