NBC 5 Exclusive: Aretha Franklin’s Texas Connection

Even though Aretha Franklin calls Detroit, Michigan home, she's all too familiar with north Texas. 

“I came here many times with my dad to some of the local churches,” said Franklin.
Her first performance in Dallas was at a church when she was a teenager. Nearly six decades later, her audience is much bigger. She comes back to North Texas every three to four years to perform in front of adoring fans. 
On Saturday, she helped raise $850,000 for CitySquare in Dallas, which helps fight poverty.
“They were super, really super,” said Franklin, describing Dallas fans. “A cross section of people, young adult, adult, seniors and small children.”
Franklin also has several family members in Texas.
Her music touches people of many generations. 
“I haven't had any thoughts of retiring,” said Franklin. “I have no plans to retire. Today 72 is what, 52? I feel 52, the same way I felt when I was in my 40's and 50's.”
It’s her love for singing and performing that keeps her going.
“I’ll probably be lying down on a couch going 'Give me the mic, please give me the mic 'R-E-S-P-E-C-T'," said Franklin.
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