Police: Burglar Lies in Bed With Woman, Starts to Chat

The man behind a string of break-ins is stealing nothing and harming no one

A burglar suspected to be behind a string of break-ins at an apartment complex in East Orlando is stealing nothing and harming no one. The man prefers to lie in bed and talk to his victims, one alleged victim said.

"He just walked in and laid in bed with me and started talking to me and having a normal conversation with me, like (it was) nothing," said an Orlando woman who is the latest victim of the bizarre crime and did not want to be identified, central Florida ABC affiliate WFTV reported.

The woman, who was not hurt, feared that the burglar would turn violent on her. She allegedly ordered him to leave the apartment and he complied.

"I didn't know if I screamed if he was going to come out with (a) weapon. I couldn't see; it was dark," she said. "He needs to get caught before it escalates more."

"He comes into my apartment and talks to me like he's a friend of mine in the middle of the night at four in the morning. That's not a normal person," said the woman.

Police said the burglar hasn’t hurt anyone but that they want to arrest him as soon as possible because they are not sure what he’s going to do next. Investigators are handing out flyers at an apartment complexes in Dovetail Villas and the Renaissance Apartments, hoping for a tip.

“He had cologne on he had nice dress slacks on. He's not homeless, mental issues probably," said the alleged vicitm.

"I hope they catch him. He really needs to get caught because he's a psychopath."

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