Nap Center Opens at DFW Airport

Minute Suites in Terminal D charges $34 for one hour in private suite

Weary travelers at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport now have a place to get some shut-eye.

The new business Minute Suites in Terminal D near Gate D23 allows travelers to comfortably take a nap, do work or just relax.

"Where do you sleep in an airport? There's a lot of sleeping that goes on in an airport, and it's not comfortable," said Daniel Solomon, co-founder and CEO.

Thirty-four dollars gets a customer one hour in one of the nine private suites.

Each suite comes with a sofa, pillows, fresh blankets, a high-definition television and access to high-speed Internet. For an extra $25, customers can even take a shower.

"We're all about sleep," Solomon said. "These rooms are engineered to be conducive to get people to sleep in a busy, loud, stressful airport."

Minute Suites is also at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport and Philadelphia International Airport.

"It's a great idea for an international traveler coming in from a long trip," traveler Carolyn Phillips said.

The company plans to open a second location in DFW Airport's Terminal A in October 2014.

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