N. Texans to Picket Church Over “Why Gay is Not OK” Sign

Dallas church posted sermon topic on sign

Some North Texans said they plan to picket a Dallas church because of a sign reading, "Why gay is not OK."

The topic of Sunday's sermon at the First Baptist Dallas Church is, "Why gay is not OK." It is written on the church's sign at the corner of Ervay and Patterson streets in the heart of downtown Dallas.

"I am surprised that in 2008, any church would have a sign like this out," Grace McFerrin said.

Organizers handed out fliers asking people who find the sign offensive to participate in a peaceful protest outside the church on Sunday morning.

"I feel that churches should not support hate, which is what a sign like this does, is allow people to think it's acceptable to hate other people," McFerrin said.

Her daughter, Laura, said the church's sign made her "just really sad" at first.

"I believe I was born a lesbian (and) that there's nothing wrong with that," she said.

She and her mother spent Saturday making signs and handing out fliers.

"I'm upset because children who are having to go into that church who might be gay or lesbian will think something about them is wrong, and that makes me sad," Laura McFerrin said.

She said she would be happy if only five people showed up, but she is hoping for a bigger turnout.

Grace McFerrin said she hopes their message of acceptance -- "that all means all and that allowing everyone at God's table is acceptable" -- is heard.

The First Baptist Church did not return requests Saturday for comment about the sign and Sunday's sermon.

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