Mystery Phone Calls Warn of “Blast”

Dozens of North Texas residents receive same late-night recorded call

A mystery recorded telephone message that casually mentions a “blast” was apparently received by dozens of North Texans at about the same time at 1 a.m. Thursday.

"The voice is creepy,” said Amy Ward of Desoto “And you wonder, why?”

Ward recorded the call on her cell phone.

The male voice, with a slight accent, said: "Hello, it's me again. Just wanted to schedule a blast at 10:15. Please do not call back. I'll be out of here by then. Anyway, talk to you guys tomorrow. Bye bye."

"Most of the time when you get calls in the middle of the night like that, you think it's family or friends in trouble or something like that," Ward said.

She said the call alarmed her because her two young children were home sleeping at the time.

"It just kind of makes you crazy for a minute, you know?" she said.

She searched the Internet for the telephone number that showed up on her caller ID, and found more than a dozen other people from North Texas had posted messages, saying they, too, got the same call, about the same time.

When called the number, a California man answered. He insisted he did not make the calls and knew nothing about them.

Police in Dallas, Arlington and Fort Worth said they had not received widespread complaints about the call and were not investigating.

Ward said she didn’t know if it was someone’s idea of a prank.

“It’s not funny,” she said.

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