Musicians Band Together for ‘Jeff Fest 2' to Help Dallas Music Producer

Jeff Saenz had a near-death high voltage shock in June when he came in contact with a downed power line. Since then, fellow musicians have rallied to help.

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Dallas-based music producer Jeff Saenz knows better than most people how life can change in an instant.

"It's crazy how I could come so close to my end and feel like I'm just beginning right now," Saenz said.

On June 1, the power went out at Saenz's Dallas home. When he went outside to check, Saenz came in contact with a high-voltage power line. He underwent 11 surgeries and had his right arm and left hand amputated.

"It was a fork in the road," Saenz said. "Am I angry, or do we just keep pushing forward? And it was just an instant decision. Just keep pushing forward, that's the only option."

The music community has been pushing forward for him, starting "Jeff Fest" benefit concerts to help Saenz and his family through this difficult time.

Wednesday night, "Jeff Fest 2" will open at the Granada Theater in Dallas, featuring Shaky Graves, The Texas Gentlemen, Medicine Man Revival, About You and more.

"The biggest thing I learned is just how much I love him," Max Poscente of About You said. "And to be present. Live in the moment."

Poscente's band added a string section to a few of their songs, with an arrangement by University of North Texas Professor and jazz violinist Scott Tixier and a string section of students from UNT.

"Even if we can do just a little bit by being here for him and showing that...he is not alone," Tixier said. "Like the music is our country, is our family."

"I feel strange for having this thing called 'Jeff Fest.' It's a little surreal," Saenz said. "If it gets people to rally around something greater than themselves and look to each other, that's even better."

Doors open at 6 p.m. for "Jeff Fest 2," and the show starts at 6:30 p.m. Tickets are available online, here.

The Jeff Saenz Recover Project has more information on efforts to help,

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