‘He Makes Me Proud': Mother of UT Stabbing Victim Grieves Son's Loss

"Harrison was a happy, compassionate, kind human being," said Lori Brown

The mother of the University of Texas freshman stabbed to death in a random Monday attack described her son as happy and compassionate, saying he would have already forgiven his attacker.

Lori Brown said her son, Harrison Brown, was "minding his own business" when he was stabbed in the back in a random attack outside a gym on the Austin campus Monday.

"Harrison was a happy, compassionate, kind human being," she said. "I know my son Harrison and I know the heart he has and the kindness in his heart and his faith, and I know that Harrison has already forgiven him."

Asked if she has forgiven the suspect, she said she's "not there yet."

Kendrex White, also a UT student, was arrested in the attack and is jailed on a $1 million bond. He suffers from mental illness, police said.

Three other students injured in the attack have been released from the hospital.

Brown, 19, planned to major in music. He graduated last year from Graham High School.

"He was friends with everybody," his mother said. "He was minding his own business that day. His back was to the person that stabbed him. So he never had to make eye contact with him, and I'm thankful for that."

Lori Brown and her son had just talked minutes earlier.

He called at the same time he did many days, interrupting the fourth-grade class she teaches.

"'I love you. I love you,'" his mother said he told her. "'I love you, momma.'"

But then, her phone rang again.

It was from his phone number. But she heard a stranger's voice.

After being stabbed, Brown asked another student he did not know to call his mother.

"She said, 'Are you Harrison's mom?'" Lori Brown remembered. "And I could hear it in her voice. Her voice was shaking. The blood just drained through my body and I said, 'Yes.' And she said, "'Harrison has been stabbed.'"

The days since have been a blur of emotion, she said.

The family's home is full of pictures. And memories.

In high school, Harrison was voted "Senior Favorite." He excelled in track, cross country, drama and academics.

He also loved to sing – even auditioning for NBC's "The Voice."

The loss is especially hard for the family to take because Harrison's father is in the final stages of ALS.

"I know when my husband does pass away that Harrison's hand will be the one reaching down for his father's hand," Lori Brown said.

She says the pain comes in waves but adds the family takes some comfort in knowing so many others share their grief.

Harrison Brown's memorial service will be Saturday. So many people are expected to attend, it'll be held in the Graham High School gymnasium.

Police returned the watch Harrison Brown was wearing the day he died.

His mother now wears it on her wrist.

"He makes me proud," she said. "He'll always make me proud."

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