‘More Than Pink Walk' Looks Different in 2020, But Goal Remains the Same

This year's event was pushed to virtual platforms, but hundreds of people still took part

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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and the 2020 "More Than Pink Walk" took place Saturday. 

The fundraiser for Susan G. Komen Greater Fort Worth may look different, but the goal behind it remains the same: to raise awareness and money to fight breast cancer. 

People took to neighborhoods and a Fort Worth park to raise support for survivors and their families.

Lisa Moore has battled breast cancer, not once or twice, but four times.

“You have cancer. Cancer doesn’t have you. That’s always been my mindset, even though I’ve had to battle this four times,” Moore said.

Her most recent diagnosis was in February.

“I found out it came back original area, in the right breast. They were able to do a minor surgery, I was able to do 33 treatments of radiation,” Moore said.

Today, she is cancer-free, and she is this year’s top fundraiser, raising nearly $10,000 with the help of her team. 

Battling breast cancer during a pandemic has created new challenges. 

According to statistics, pandemic-related delays in diagnosis and disruptions in treatment are likely to cause about 10,000 additional deaths over the next 10 years. 

Tracey Boyes said that’s why early detection and Saturday’s fundraiser are more important than ever. 

“We have a goal of $500,000 and we are just about $39,000 away from that," said Tracey Boyes, executive director of Susan G. Komen Greater Fort Worth. "We are really hoping that people continue to fundraise until Nov. 3."

Boyes said over 1,100 people registered, even during the pandemic.

In past years, around 2,500 people registered. Still, she said she's pleased with the turnout.

She walked with her neighbors and said the work will continue long after Saturday’s event. 

You can learn more and find out how to donate here.

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