Mom Reveals New Details About Christina Morris Case

After talking to Plano police, the mother of a Fort Worth woman missing since Aug. 30 said she thinks the man who was with her daughter that day is hiding something.

Jonni McElroy talked to NBC 5 about the detailed conversation she had with Plano police Monday concerning the disappearance of her daughter — 23-year-old Christina Morris — and the man with whom she was last seen, Enrique Arochi.

“We’ve learned that Enrique has lied since day one,” McElroy said.

McElroy said police told her Arochi's phone history was cleared before police confiscated it.

"He was trying to erase information. That is the way I look at it," she said. "Why do you need to erase every single thing from the phone?"

Surveillance video at the Shops at Legacy in Plano captured images of Morris and Arochi walking to the parking garage early Aug. 30. A representative for Arochi said the two parted ways and Arochi didn't see her walk to her car.

“He said he never parked in the parking garage, he never walked Christina to the car, until that was proven on the tape that he walked Christina to the car in the parking garage,” said McElroy.

What McElroy wants most is the truth from whomever is holding it.

“I’m going to fight until we get answers,” she said. “And we will get answers. Will it be easy? Probably not. But eventually the truth will come out."

Plano police have not filed charges or named Arochi as a person of interest in the investigation into Morris's disappearance.

NBC 5 made several calls to Arochi about the new information Monday, but he did not respond. A representative called on Arochi’s behalf who disputes each of the claims.

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