Mesquite Police Arrest Fired Mesquite ISD Substitute Teacher Who Encouraged Middle Schoolers to Fight

Video shows what parents are calling a "fight club" in the classroom, with students allowed to fight one on one

Mesquite Police have arrested the now-former substitute teacher who was fired after being accused of encouraging students to fight each other in class.

In a statement Monday, Mesquite Police said 24-year-old Natally Garcia of Dallas was arrested on four counts of endangering a child after "investigators determined that Garcia engaged in conduct that placed four students in danger of bodily injury."

The arrest follows a report made about an incident captured on cellphone video inside Kimbrough Middle School on April 12, where the teacher created a space for the 12 and 13-year-olds to brawl. The Mesquite ISD said an investigation found the teacher outlined rules for the students to follow and even instructed a student to keep watch at the door while fights took place.

After learning of the incident, Mesquite ISD said it fired the substitute teacher and called parents whose students were in the class with an update on the situation and the response.

Mesquite ISD has fired a substitute teacher after an investigation revealed she encouraged students to fight each other in class. NBC 5's Alanna Quillen reports the incident would have gone unnoticed if it wasn't caught on camera.

Mesquite ISD issued the following statement to NBC 5 on Friday.

"The teacher involved was a substitute teacher employed by Mesquite ISD since March 6. As of yesterday, she is no longer employed by the district and is not eligible for rehire in any capacity. Our investigation revealed that this substitute teacher encouraged students to fight each other during class, outlined rules for the students to follow and even instructed a student to monitor the classroom door while the fights took place. Her actions are appalling and intolerable.

Yesterday afternoon, campus administrators personally contacted all parents of the students in the class by phone to inform them of the situation and the school’s swift response. As educators, our hearts are heavy knowing that an individual entrusted with the supervision and care of our students could behave in this manner, and we share the disgust that the families of students in this class must feel. MISD referred this matter to Mesquite Police to pursue possible criminal charges resulting from this former substitute’s reckless and irresponsible actions."

It's not clear if Garcia is represented by an attorney.

Booking photo of Natally Garcia, 24, of Dallas.
Mesquite Police
Booking photo of Natally Garcia, 24, of Dallas.
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