Mesquite Issues 42 Citations for Illegal Fireworks

Mesquite saw a significant increase in calls for fireworks

NBC News

The City of Mesquite issued 42 citations for possession or use of illegal fireworks during Independence Day weekend.

The city confiscated 120 lbs. of illegal fireworks and made two DWI arrests over the holiday weekend.

"We still have room for improvement on this effort. But, I am proud of our police and fire department patrols," said City Manager Cliff Keheley through a press release.

"They aggressively patrolled hot spots and issued citations for the violations they were able to witness."

The city had five patrols assigned to areas in Mesquite as a part of a special deployment operation for July 3 and July 4.

Keheley also shared that city staff will consult with the city council to seek new ways to issue citations to those who use illegal fireworks or shoot guns into the air.

The city received a total of 1,120 calls for fireworks and 31 calls for sounds of gunfire.

For comparison, the city received a total of 443 calls for fireworks activity in 2019.

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