Megafest Returning to Dallas in August

One of the biggest faith-based conventions is headed to Dallas for a second time.

MegaFest 2015 will kick-off for a three-day weekend at the end of August.

“It’s not just a faith-based event. It’s an entertainment event, it’s a health-care event and it’s an education event,” said Phillip Jones, the CEO of the Dallas Convention and Visitors Bureau.

The massive event, which drew in 75,000 people from across the world in 2013, is hosted by The Potter's House's Bishop T.D. Jakes.

Even though Jakes is based in Dallas, the event has mainly been held in Atlanta the past several years.

However, Jakes and Dallas city leaders want to change that.

“It’s more aptly said we’re offering MegaFest to Dallas and we want Dallas to take ownership of MegaFest. We want them to enjoy the concerts. We want them to enjoy the economic benefits. We want the city to take ownership of the idea we helped to birth and create,” Jakes said.

The convention, which includes talks, concerts, family events and workshops, brought in $41 million to the Dallas economy two years ago.

It included speakers such as Oprah Winfrey, Steve Harvey and performers like Jennifer Hudson.

“So, it’s a great opportunity to showcase Dallas as a destination to host big events. Not just big sporting events, but big faith-based events and entertainment events like MegaFest,” said Jones.

Right now, Jakes is keeping the potentially star-studded line-up under wraps, but said businesses looking to either sponser the event or participate as a vendor can still sign up.

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