Meet Record-Breaking Grand Champion Teens at State Fair Youth Livestock Auction

Everything is bigger and better at the State Fair of Texas and that proved true Friday with a new record set at the Big Tex Youth Livestock Auction. A prized-winning steer brought in a huge bid to help send local students to college, but his proud owner wasn't the only teen who came out on top.

"Ladies and gentleman, are you ready to spend some money?" the announcer asked the crowd.

While bidders wait with anticipation, Madellyn Adams prepares backstage to sell her grand champion lamb.

"You get one every now and then that has a personality," she said of Faro. "He's full of personality, looking around at everything. He chews on everything."

She claimed the title just one day after being named homecoming queen near her hometown of Brownwood, TX.

"All of the emotions hit, my body was shaking. It was the best feeling ever," Adams said.

Up third, the 17-year-old hits the stage.

"As the bidders just keep raising those numbers, it's a feeling like keep going!" she said.

Her 9-month-old lamb quickly sold for $25,000.

"This was amazing, best experience of my life," Adams said.

The high school senior was one of 3,500 students from around the state who competed for a spot at auction. Fewer than 400 made it. Mikayla Grady of Grandview nabbed the opening one. Her grand champion steer Oscar broke a record, pulling in $155,000.

"It's amazing, just unbelievable that people can support you like that," Grady said.

She'll get $30,000. The rest goes to the Big Tex Scholarship Program.

The winning bidder, Coleman Davis, is just 17 as well. 

"It's electric, it's fun. Winning's always fund at anything aint it?" he said.

Davis didn't come up with the cash on his own. He's representing Big Tex Champion Club.

"Had a little bit of help, yes mam, but I worked very hard for it." He said.

Davis said initial plans are to donate Oscar to a Texas charity.

Meanwhile for both Adams and Grady, saying goodbye to their prized possessions will be the tough part.

"He's been worked every single day since last May and he's become my best friend so it's gonna be really tough to let him go," Adams said.

"Not very easy, I'm not looking forward to it but it's part of it so you gotta do what you gotta do," Grady said.

Friday's auction was expected to bring in about one and a half million dollars from supporters of the youth livestock program.

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