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Cost of McKinney ISD Stadium Increases to $70 Million

The most expensive high school football stadium in the country just got even more expensive.

Without even breaking ground, the cost for McKinney ISD's new stadium is now topping $70 million.

That's well over the $63 million voters approved in May.

According to McKinney ISD spokesperson Cody Cunningham, the increase surprised district officials, and forced them to make a decision on whether to scale back the scope of the stadium or find a way to cover the extra expenses.

Cunningham said they decided not to scale back so they could deliver on a promise made to voters.

Several reasons were given for the increase, including the cost of concrete which went up nearly 50 percent.

Four million dollars from a 2011 bond will help make up the $7 million difference.

The rest will come from existing maintenance and operating budgets, Cunningham said.

Some critics question whether the money could be put to better use.

"The biggest problem I have is that the school district needs to focus on academics. Our kids are not getting the kind of education that they need," said McKinney resident Curtis Rath.

Construction is expected to begin in September.

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