McKinney Firefighters Save Dog Impaled by Piece of Metal

A border collie named Tucker has a second chance, thanks to some persistent rescuers.

Last Tuesday, McKinney Firefighters were called to the backyard of a home after Tucker’s family found him impaled on an antique edger. The equipment is made of solid iron, so moving it was not an option to get Tucker help.

“It was through his body and I immediately thought the worst,” said Felicia Guerra, Tucker’s owner.

Her husband and four kids were home and unsure if Tucker would make it.

“There were a lot of tears because we thought we had to say goodbye,” said Guerra.

Animal control officers responded and noticed Tucker was still alert. The officers believed he could be saved and called firefighters.

“We were trying to figure out the best way to get him off of it because the machinery was too big to bring it with us to the vet clinic,” said Fire Captain Travis Irick.

After some discussion, firefighters decided to try the least invasive equipment they had: the cutting tool on the Jaws of Life.

“We were going to try that and see if we moved it too much,” said Irick. “It was working pretty good so we went ahead and went with it.”

The strategy worked. Firefighters freed Tucker, medics bandaged him up and the Guerra family raced their pet to a veterinarian.

The vet confirmed the piece of metal that impaled Tucker missed his organs.

“They sewed him up and he’s good as new,” said Guerra.

Monday, the family brought homemade cookies to fire station 2 to say thank you.

“Not just anyone would come and look at an animal that was in such a precious position and say no we’re going to go above and beyond and do absolutely anything we can to make sure he’s safe,” said Guerra.

Tucker wears a t-shirt to protect his healing wound, but is otherwise OK.

As for that antique edger? It belonged to Guerra’s husband’s grandfather. Her husband had plans to restore it, but the family said it’s getting rid of it now.

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