Marine Reptile Fossils Getting Prepped for Museum Exhibit

Mosasaur known as "T-Rex of the Ocean"

Scientists in McKinney are working to restore the mosasaur, which some scientists describe as the "T-Rex of the ocean."

"They were some of the biggest baddest predators that lived in the ocean at that time," Darlene Sumerfelt, a member of Dallas Paleontological Society said. "The mosasaur could swallow you basically in one bite."

Nearly 50-feet long and weighing eight tons, this creature was common to North Texas 75 million years ago. At a time when according to scientists, part of the state was underwater.

Members of the Dallas Paleontological Society and their Fossil Bureau of Investigation excavated this particular mosasaur from Garland's Duck Creek in 2007.

Volunteers like Joan Sherpard signed up to help get the marine reptile's fossils ready for its debut at the heard museum.

"Once there was just one row of teeth, [then] we started finding this row of bones," Sherpard said. "It's part of the treasure hunt."

The fossils will go on display at the museum later this year.

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