Marcos Pizza Hosts Two Blood Drives in Response to High Demand

Officials say between 600 and 800 patients need blood transfusions daily

In response to the high demand for blood donations, Marco's Pizza is partnering up with Carter BloodCare to help save lives.

As the number of cases of COVID-19 drops this Spring, medical officials say the need for blood supply has not rebounded to pre-pandemic levels just yet and many blood types remain at less than one day's availability.

To help the community replenish and recover, Marco's Pizza will host two blood drives in Fort Worth this month at two different locations.

Marco's Pizza will host its first blood drive from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday, April 16, at 5250 N. Tarrant Parkway in the parking lot on the Carter BloodCare bus.

If you miss the first drive, another will be located at Marco's Pizza at 12650 N. Beach St location from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. A Carter BloodCare bus will also be in the parking lot.

For details and to make an appointment at either Marco's Pizza location, contact Mandee Clark at (817) 741-4005.

Donors can expect the entire process to take about an hour or less and can even fill out their medical history questionnaire online on the day of donation.

Eligible donors can volunteer independently from ages 17 and up regardless of their vaccination status. Volunteers can also donate at age 16 with parental consent.

For more on donor eligibility and to set an appointment to breathe new life into the community blood supply, call 800-366-2834 or visit

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