Mansfield Comes Together During Benefit Concert, Honors Injured Dallas Police Officer

In a show of solidarity and unity, hundreds gathered in Mansfield Sunday evening for the '#AreWeRelated Benefit Concert for Dallas Families.'

The event, put on by various churches and nonprofits, was designed to send the message that we are all family.

The free concert, headlined by David Moore & Moore Melodies, also helped raise funds for Dallas families affected by the violent attack on police July 7.

Mansfield's mayor and police chief also honored Dallas Police Sr. Cpl. Ivan Saldana with a proclamation.

Saldana, who has lived in Mansfield for about a decade, is a 15-year-veteran of the Dallas police force. He was wounded by shrapnel while working at the intersection where gunfire started the night of the attack.

"In the beginning I felt it but I just kept doing what I was supposed to do," Saldana said, "maybe like two hours later that's when I realized I was bleeding."

The proclamation honors Saldana for his bravery, and offers prayers for continued recovery. It also mentions the death of Saldana's former partner, Michael Krol, and injuries sustained by his training officer Gretchen Rocha.

"It's emotional, but I received the honor on their behalf more than anything,"Saldana said.

Shrapnel remains in his leg, but Saldana said he is healing and ready to return to work Monday.

"It will be another day in the job," Saldana said when asked about returning to work, "just do what we do."

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