Family of Man Found Dead at Denton Living Center Seeks Answers

The family of a developmentally disabled man is seeking answers, after his body was found at Denton State Supported Living Center Thursday. Lewis had been reported missing Saturday.

LeCarvin DeKevin "Kevin" Lewis' body was discovered Thursday morning on the nearly 200 acre property. The 41-year-old suffered from an intellectual disorder and several other physical ailments.

Lewis' relatives, including his mother and sister, helped police, center employees and other volunteers in an extensive search of the grounds.

"We don’t know how we could have missed it," said sister Skyler Jackson. "We searched everywhere."

Denton police are investigating the death. Autopsy results are pending.

Lewis' mother says staffers have been supportive, and are as heartbroken as the family regarding the discovery. But she wonders how her son could have been left alone long enough to disappear.

"Don't get us wrong. We're not saying Denton State School is not a good place, but somebody dropped the ball," said Marilyn Jackson. "Somebody didn't do what they were supposed to be doing."

The Texas Health and Human Services Commission released a statement saying:

"We are deeply saddened by this loss. Our hearts go out to his family and all who knew him. It is an emotional time for all of us as we are a very tight knit community. We are grateful for the time we had with him.

We’ve been talking with the family and answering their questions and offering any support we can. We are also working closely with law enforcement to find out what happened and we will continue to undergo a tireless review of the circumstances to identify anything that could have been done differently or that needs to change. This includes reviewing our policies and security measures that may need to be strengthened.

Our residents are like family and this loss is especially difficult for our staff. We’re offering support to staff members and residents who may need help getting through this difficult time."

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