Man Who Drove Truck Into Dallas TV Station Released From Jail

Michael Fry crashed his truck into FOX 4 on Sept. 5

The man who drove his pickup truck into the Dallas-Fort Worth Fox television affiliate was released from jail Thursday because his case had not yet been filed, says the Dallas County Sheriff's Office.

Michael Fry crashed his truck into the downtown Dallas building occupied by FOX 4 on Sept. 5, then got out of the truck and began to yell, Dallas police said.

Police said Fry ultimately surrendered to police and his truck, along with a bag he placed next to the building, were cleared with no threatening devices found.

Fry was released because the Dallas Police Department had not yet filed a case with the Dallas County District Attorney's Office, said Raul Reyna of the Dallas County Sheriff's Office.

Reyna said Fry could not be held indefinitely while authorities waited for the police department to file a case.

The Dallas Police Department released a statement on Tuesday saying they are required to have a damage estimate from FOX 4 before the case can proceed. The length of time to hold Fry expired before FOX 4 could provide that estimate to police.

Dallas Police says the case is still active and they are working with FOX 4 to get the damage estimate. Once that is received, the department will file a case with the DA's office which will issue a warrant for Fry's arrest.

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