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Man ‘Scarred for Life' After Alleged Assault by Dallas County Sheriff's Deputy

Jeremiah Ramos was allegedly stunned with a Taser while in the backseat of a squad car in October

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A man allegedly assaulted by a Dallas County Sheriff’s deputy last year is telling his story for the first time.

Jeremiah Ramos, who remained in the Dallas County Jail on unrelated charges, said what happened on Oct. 7 has left him forever scarred.

“I’m going to have these scars for the rest of my life, this officer what he did to me, it’s not right,” Ramos said.

According to charging documents, sheriff’s deputy Austin Palmer cuffed Ramos, who had outstanding warrants, and took him to a squad car. It’s what happened inside the car that Dallas County Sheriff Marian Brown said led to Palmer’s arrest.

“We are going to hold ourselves accountable,” Brown said at a press conference last week.

Ramos said Palmer became upset with him when he asked why he was being arrested. Ramos said Palmer eventually pulled out his Taser and deployed it on Ramos, who was just feet away in the backseat.

“That’s when he turns around and I don’t know how many times he tased me, the detectives told me it looks like he tased me twice,” Ramos said.

According to Ramos, he blacked out and when he woke up Palmer continued the assault.

“And he put it to my throat and said he’d tase me right there and then he put it to my privates,” Ramos said.

Palmer is on paid administrative leave while internal affairs decides whether or not he should be fired. He faces two misdemeanor charges.

Ramos said he took responsibility for what he’s done wrong, including his outstanding warrants, but said what Palmer did was unacceptable.

“I never harmed anyone, for this officer to harm me like he did because I’m scarred for life now and it’s going to be awhile before I get over this,” he said.

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