Man Demands Hair Extensions During Robbery

Robber said wanted "most expensive kind" for girlfriend.

An employee of Main Beauty Supply in Dallas was caught off guard when a man robbing the store demanded hair extensions.

Benitra Jackson said she was about to close for the night when a man wearing a mask burst into the store and, pointing a gun, demanded her and her manager to the floor.

"He was just telling us to get down or he'll shoot," Jackson said.

In surveillance video you can see the robber forcing the manager to the floor first, then turning on Jackson.

"And then he threw me on the floor and told me to put the money in the bag. So I just threw the money in the bag then laid back down on the floor," she said.

Jackson said she gave the robber all of the money in the register, but he wanted more.

"He was just saying 'the change too,' cause he had kids," she said.

After that, the robber had an even more unusual request -- hair extensions.

According to a police reporter, Jackson told officers the man said, "My b**** needs some hair extensions, which are the best ones?"

"I was like, really?" said Jackson. "I wanted to laugh, but something was going on and I was in shock. So I was like why are you asking me about the most expensive hair extensions? So I just grabbed any kind for him."

Satisfied with the money -- and the hair -- the robber left.

Jackson said she's thankful everyone's okay, but hopes to see the robber caught.

When it comes to the hair extensions, Jackson is hoping for something else.

"Well, I hope she doesn't like them," Jackson chuckled.

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