Mall Shoppers Dodge Gunfire

Store owner arrested for firing gun.

Shoppers at Town East Mall in Mesquite were forced to take cover when a store owner shot at a jewelry thief.
Investigators say the owner of Classique Jewelry in the mall had just pulled a ring out of a display case to show it to the suspect when the individual ran off with the merchandise.
The store owner, Louis Fuentes, grabbed a gun and shot at the thief. No one was hit and the man got away.

Police later arrested Fuentes for deadly conduct. Signs near the mall entrance tell patrons that guns are not allowed inside the mall.
Crime scene investigators found the bullet near a display rack inside a nearby JC Penney's store.
Mesquite police are hoping surveillance video will give them a better look at the suspected thief.
"If something is caught on video, obviously it speaks a thousand words. Much more so than a picture." Lt Doug Yates with the Mesquite police said.
Police reports show the crook got away with a ring valued at $10,000. 

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